Posted by: Brendan | August 9, 2010

Eric’s All Mountain Song

Eric wanted something new, fresh, and singlespeedy.

Other criteria were:
Big wheels
Long (130mm) fork
Short chainstays (16.75″)
Fit for Joplin seatpost
Snazzy looks
Sliding dropouts

We came up with this idea together. I matched the bend in the seat tube to apex of his rear tire (biggie, set at 16.75″ chainstay length in the short setting on the sliders) and arrived at the “stash tube” solution to join the straight section of seat tube to the bent lower area.

We calculated Eric’s seat height, considered the length of his Joplin dropper seatpost (cut to the shortest allowable length) and managed to pack all that goodness into the Song seat tube assembly using a 31.6mm ID tube. The miter location for this spot also allowed us to run the constant radius top tube in a convex (upwswept) arrangement, which simply looks cool.



  1. cool

  2. Damn that’s nice! If only it could run fixed too. :]

  3. Can’t wait to see this built up.

  4. whoa – lots of thinking went into that little number. i dig it.

  5. get her built up, quick!

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