Posted by: Brendan | June 13, 2012

12 Hours of Temecula, The Band Gets Together

We got the band together for a weekend of fun.

Enough buzz generated amongst some regulars at our store, Hub Cyclery, that we decided to get some people together for a 12 hour effort. Mary and I haven’t been in the racing scene much since we became parents a couple years ago. The 12 Hours of Temecula was close enough and fun enough to pack up the ol’ rig and make a go of it.


The decisions were made: we had a 4 person open team, a 12 hour solo, a 6 hour solo, and a duo. We gathered up, camped out, partied down, and even slept in (a little). It was nice. The clocks ran a little slower for a while.


We elected Nick to run the first lap of the race. It made sense, he’d never been to a 12 hour before. 😉 Mary and I staggered ourselves between Nick & Brian so as to keep better watch over our boy, who was constantly doing his best to run amok.


Thankfully, Mary had the good idea to bring her lightweight tent along to set up in the pit. He called it his “Dinosaur Cave” and based most of his adventures out of there.


We started our racing out without much of a goal in mind other than to have a good time and earn some good eats by the end of the day. Upon checking the leaderboard a couple hours in we discovered we were within striking distance of our (newly) sworn rivals from the desert: Dan, Rod (Sherpa), Ryan, and Rob. The race for epic glory (16th place) was on.
Meanwhile, Krista and Joshua were out burning laps for the 6 & 12 hour solos, respectively. Allan and Scott alternated between sleepy breezes in the pits and blast furnace heat during their 12 hour duo.

Image  Image

 Image  Image

We all put in an honest effort, achieved our goals, and some of us even managed to bring home some hardware. Joshua took third in his solo effort; he’ll be a name to watch this coming season with some big plans on the docket. Krista medaled in her 6 hour race, and Allan & Scott pushed through to accomplish their 12 lap goal in the duo. (duo is also known as “the hardest category” in my book)
Dan & company… they gave it their best. But we took ’em on the last lap. 🙂

What really counted was that we’d all had a good day on the bike, and a good evening off of it.

Image  Image

Image  Image

Great time with great peeps. I’m hooked. Again. You’ll be seeing us at the races!

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