Posted by: Brendan | January 12, 2010

The Longhammer

Jerry wanted a hardcore steel trail bike to compliment his Song 29

We came up with the Longhammer- a Hammerschmidt compatible, All Mountain 29″ hardtail.

We started from the ground up, designing the bike around a Rock Shox Reba 29, 120mm through axle fork. Then we added clearance for big, meaty tires… and a dash of Jerry’s creative input with the Longhammer- a one-off silver brazed, stainless steel seatstay brace/ jewelry piece. Enjoy the pics.

Big thanks go to Jerry for creative input- on the seatstay jewelry and the head badge, which is also based on his artwork. The longhammer piece is a one-off, one time deal… well, we have another here, but it’s staying close to home. 🙂

Also- Dan Wilcox of Homebrewed Components did the machine work on the widget. This guy knows how to program and run his machines.

The Longhammer namesake, brazed. Russ is the man with this work.

We polished the stainless Longhammer one last time before handing the bike off to Jason at California Custom Powdercoating. He special ordered the deep-sea blue powder in for the job, and expertly masked & wiped the hammer clean before curing the powder. The finished product is nothing short of amazing:

The Hammerschmidt cutout- we built up the frame first with the desired tire clearance (BIG). After we welded it up, I performed the surgery with a hanful of files and abrasives. The parabolic patch comes from a thick-walled piece of aero section tubing.

When it was all done, it looks like this… we also added Hammerschmidt specific cable routing, and a third bottle mount.

Stay tuned for more pics of this bike, built… this thing’s gonna be a party on the trail.



  1. I am wondering…do you weld with a torch, or a TIG?

  2. hot, hot, hot.

  3. can’t touch this!


  4. I’m feeling a bit of Empty Nest syndrome over this one… Jerry & I ride approximately the same sized bike, which makes it even harder.

    Fuller- our bikes are TIG’d, and we braze the bottle nuts and other odds & ends into place.

    Agu- that’s a good flashback. Thanks for that!

    Jruss- thanks. I was hoping to hear from you on this one. 🙂

  5. Sweet =)
    Would you mind sharing some geo numbers? (HA/SA, BB height, etc)

  6. Nice. Real nice.

  7. Nice work, B-man!

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