Posted by: Brendan | December 21, 2009

XC Race in Balboa Park

We spent our Saturday supporting a new event, showing off some fresh bikes, and taking in rays.

Robert Herber -aka the Racer Promoter- put on a brand new event in Balboa Park, in San Diego. Robert is new to the race promotion game and bringing some fresh blood to the XC scene in the area. This was the first event we’ve been to in his Racers & Chasers Series, but with solid venues like Balboa Park (the nation’s largest urban cultural park), it won’t be the last.

We also met up with Scott & Lauren of Totally Tubular Bags

Nick was our horse in the Beginner race. This guy has mad multitasking skills, especially when it comes to sandbagging while looking dapper. He’ll look even fresher on his new John Henry at the next Sport race.

Adams Avenue was heavily represented in the Singlespeed class. The infamous Scott the Cop made an appearance.

After the event, we went out with Derek & Tessa for a weekend of fun with beaches, bikes, and eats in the greater San Diego area. T’was loads of fun- just ask Mary.

Sunday- I got out for a ride with Derek & Tessa on the Mission Trail System. Fun stuff with nice, tacky trail conditions… even some running water.

Derek Shredzit


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