Posted by: Brendan | February 14, 2012

Scott’s Desert Surprise

Scott spends time in the sand. (Too much? Probably.)

The last time he was in the sandbox, he spent his spare time pondering a new ride, in a new and altogether more fun slice of desert. The new ride, a John Henry singlespeed, complements his current Siren John Henry.

The frame is built of our blend of Columbus and True Temper tubing, finished with a superclean phosphate treatment before we shot the whole shebang with a single coat powdercoat. The result is a gorgeous translucent copper/amber (the original color was Tangelo) that shows the heat affected areas from the welding process, as well as evidence of handwork below…


We decked Scott’s bike out with a handbuilt pair of wheels from Hub Cyclery, featuring Chris King hubs, Crest 29 rims, and DT Swiss Revolution spokes. The drivetrain consists of a White Industries ENO crank & bottom bracket paired to a Kick Ass Cog from Endless Bike. Damping is handled by a Fox Float 29 Terralogic fork, perfect for fast singlespeeding. The stoppers are Magura’s new MT-6 brakes, which are exceptionally light and offer incredible lever feel. Scott’s is also the first Siren to sport the new post-mount sliding dropout from Paragon Machine Works. Very nice piece.

Scott took delivery of his new bike a couple weeks ago. We tweaked a few items on the bike at the shop then headed out for a ride on local trails. We were able to dial in a few things with his bike and give it a good shakedown. Smiles for miles…




  1. The most beautiful frame color I have seen. The welds totally came through and made the color. Amazing!!

  2. That bike looks so nice , I really want some of that powder , how do I get hold of some.

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