Posted by: Brendan | December 16, 2011

Silver Fox

Built up a custom John Henry fresh for Carter. 
For all the time he spends up here, Carter is becoming an honorary Idyllwild resident. When he’s not training the desert, he’s up here riding and hanging out with us. And the banter. Oh, the banter… the smack talk has reached a level of high art.
He used to say: “Brendan, sometimes smack talk is all I’ve got!”
Lately, he’s been backing it up.

His frame sports a 44mm head tube, sliding dropouts, and an internally relieved BB shell all from Paragon Machine Works. The frame comes together with a blend of Columbus and True Temper tubing. Most of the parts came off his FS bike, and look GOOD on the new Siren. A Shimano XT group, 2×10 with lots of silver bits. There’s talk of going to a 1×10 setup.

This moment brought to you by the HUB Cyclery

Carter tells us the bike fits like a glove, climbs and descends fast, and is responsive to his input. Since we built his bike up almost three weeks ago, I’ve missed two opportunities to ride with Carter… I might not be able to avoid the inevitable suffer fest I’m sure he’s looking for this weekend. (I’ll report back)



  1. Good afternoon, I wonder if it’s possible to get a picture like this! I’m from Portugal and if so how much would it cost?
    Thank you Miguel Morais

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