Posted by: Brendan | November 15, 2011

Minty Freshness

I put this one together just for Dawne, here in Idyllwild.

A custom Siren for Dawne… built at Hub Cyclery. The FUBU of Idyllwild, sorta. 

Those of you who come up to ride in Idyllwild may likely know Dawne, or you’ve probably at least heard about her. She’s the genuine article, a fixture of the cycling community up here. I was stoked to build a bike for her.

We worked up some numbers and pulled the trigger on a versatile John Henry (Poly Ann, really) frame. I managed to squeeze enough room for large bottles inside the front triangle while maintaining maximal standover clearance. The frame sports Paragon sliding dropouts and a funky fresh two coat Mint Sparkle powdercoat finish. (I’d really like to powdercoat the rims brown and find some more brown bits for her)


We worked up a great build kit too. Starting with a 9spd SRAM XO group, we cherry picked some seriously nice bits with the DT Swiss/NoTubes wheelset, a Thomson/Crank Brothers cockpit, and a Fox Float 29 FIT fork with Kashima Coat stanchions.

Command central. Note the Odyssey linear housing; the hot ticket for mechanical brakes.


We got out last weekend for what was one of Dawne’s first rides on the new bike. A brisk, fun, bump around in the woods sorta ride. We didn’t talk much about how the new bike was treating her, but the permagrin on her face told me plenty.



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