Posted by: Brendan | August 31, 2011

Shano’s Twinzer- Aloha

Twinzer! The name-that-twin-tubed-bike contest winner is Shano. His prize?
This bike.

(no he didn’t really win the bike. But he earned it.) 

The “Twinzer” moniker comes from surfing, Shano’s other (primary?) pastime. I’ve never been surfing, and don’t really comprehend the purported characteristics of these boards, but I’ve tried by reading this. The story I’m sticking with is these boards are fast & loose, and give a soulful ride. Kinda like the bike.

Shano’s bike is a standard handbuilt Medium-Large size, aka that sweet-spot size for dudes taller than me, but not so tall they go through their days being asked if they play basketball. We left off the cable provisions for gears (see the aforementioned soulful ride) and I made a few improvements over my own bike with a better sized seat tube bridge/carrying handle and twin tubes spaced apart such that they don’t threaten to pop off digits come hike-a-bike time.

I love these bikes. What’s my favorite thing about this particular one?
-The fact that Shano was a customer of ours at The Hub Cyclery. Shano came up a while back with some friends for a weekend of riding our trails, came into the shop, checked out the bikes.. talked with Dave, then talked with me. And then we built him a bike. I’ve come to love this face-t0-face framebuilder gig I’ve been moving toward this summer. It’s better for the rider, better for the builder. Like what I hear people can experience with custom surfboard shapers…





  1. Love it! Another great frame, B.

  2. brendan,beautiful bike.can it be built up with a g2 fork.i have a gary fisher superfly,but i have always wanted a custom bike.thanks tony

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