Posted by: Brendan | August 17, 2011

Splicin’ genes. Mike’s 650b bruiser

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a 650b wheeled flying machine.
This frame is bred with linebacker stock and a pinch of supermodel genes just to keep things interesting.

What’s it all about?
Well, for one it looks awesome. Tough, burly, bad-to-the-bone, and maybe just a little sexy.

And it’s also built to haul the mail. The super short chainstays (16.5″ on a 650B wheel) mated to the 68.5 degree head angle (with 140mm fork) set this beast up nicely for agility in the rough. The backbone of the bike is an oversized down tube, mated to a 44mm head tube (for future proofing with tapered steerer forks) and a hand bent seat tube… and feast your eyes on those throwback BMX styled seatstays, yummy. The don’t just look badass, they are badass. They afford more tire clearance and make for a rock solid seat tube junction. The Paragon sliders give the bike singlespeed versatility and allow for a more *normalized* chainstay length for cross country riding.


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