Posted by: Brendan | June 30, 2011

Ellen’s Wunderbike- Les

For some folks, Les is more. 

Ellen’s custom John Henry, or “Polly Ann” as I call the model when they go to women, is sized between a small and a medium, sports the lighter, windowed Paragon dropouts and titanium hardware. The real jaw-dropper is the super nice powdercoat job from Spectrum Powder Works.

Ellen first built up her bike as a gearie, using a 2×10 drivetrain and a very nice pair of wheels from Industry Nine. It was Ellen’s first 29er… her comments: “I threw myself into the fire today by taking my first technical ride on a 29er, ever, when leading an advanced ride at our state festival today and had a blast. It really is a wunderbike.”

Check out Ellen’s blog here.

Ellen also changed out the parts on her new ride and tried it for a bit as a singlespeed. It tipped the scales at 22.5 lbs.



  1. smokin hot.

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