Posted by: Brendan | May 5, 2011

Nick’s custom John Henry

This one found a good home in Wisconsin

We reached for size-specific tubing, a PressFit 30 bottom bracket (reamers finally available, woot!) 1-1/8″ Lefty specific head tube, vertical dropouts, and a snazzy blue powdercoat finish. Nick picked a John Henry to replace a carbon somethinerother.

Paragon Wright dropouts, the 7075 hanger, and a svelte brake mount & curvy brace adorn the rear end of the bike


  1. I think you happened to catch a UFO siting in that first shot.
    Fine looking bicycle, mister.

  2. thanks JRuss. I know it about the UFO… it’s something on the camera’s sensor, sometimes we dodge it out, sometimes we don’t. I need to send it to Cannon to resolve it.

    Also… you’ll like to know I’m making more Twin tubed bikes. One that I’m almost done with, another as a longtail…

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