Posted by: Brendan | April 27, 2011

Titanium Siren #002

This one’s going to her home in Salt Lake City.
Our second titanium frame to date (we’ll have #003 on the blog momentarily), this one boasts more refined curves and custom fit & geometry for her owner, Tanya.
And.. before we go on, consider helping us out with a name for our Titanium 29″ model. Thoughts? Trident is a contender…

I’m especially proud of our very own elegantly bent chainstays & seatstays. They’re functional (great heel clearance) and easy on the eye, don’t you think? Classic hourglass.

Room for low-q crankarm clearance. 2×10 drivetrain fits fine.



  1. G’day Brendan,

    I still think Poseidon is the perfect name for your Ti creations… 🙂



  2. I don’t know about a name,but the welded are something to talk about !

  3. how about Thor?

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