Posted by: Brendan | February 23, 2011

Titanium: The Other White Metal

Siren frames are now available in Atomic Number 22

We’ve been attracted to Titanium as a build material for a while now, for its light weight, lively ride, and amazing durability. We can design, build, and tune a custom frame with the light weight of aluminum, and better durability than steel.

No extra junk in this trunk

Sinatra, as we’re calling Ti Siren #001, fruited from a seed planted many months ago, spurred on by some extensive ear-bending from some aerospace friends of ours. We’ve gained a lot of hard-earned knowledge along the way and enjoyed the process… and turned the Siren shop into a veritable laboratory. We’re especially proud of our very own proprietary hourglass stays, hand made in little ol’ Idyllwild, CA. Frames #002 and #003 are already in the works.

And our Ti frame is 100% USA made, in house.
The raw tubing, the meticulously machined cable guides & dropouts… American made, mostly California. Even the cardboard box comes from the 31st state.
I’ve come to believe this matters. I believe it’s good juju to ride a bike made by somebody you have a relationship with, moreover, I believe it’s great juju to ride a bike that helped support your own economy.

100% USA made and decidedly not carbon

We built up Ti Siren #001 for our buddy Nick, who’s been riding an XL John Henry for the past year. His new ride sports classic Siren curves & design, with a tweak to the standard fit & geometry. Says Nick: “I love the overall ride.  It’s hard to put a finger on it but, it feels more solid  and at the same time more forgiving.  I can’t tell you how much I love this thing.”
There’s nothing like a custom bike.

look mom, no rust!




  1. Lookin’ Good!!

  2. The more I see this bike the hotter it looks!

  3. Thanks guys! We’re working to make ’em even better.

  4. Brendan! Awesome stuff! Still riding a Ti-Kona on the trails myself, now riding a Ti-LeMond on the roads. Someday in the distant future I’ll look forwards to a custom model from you… There’s something about handmade metal that carbon fiber just doesn’t have.

    Hope you and Mary are well in IDY.

  5. I love how the top tube is designed. pretty much awesome!

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