Posted by: Brendan | January 26, 2011

Frankie Two Time

We just got Brian aboard his second Siren.
Brian, a man of the world with refined taste, started his Siren habit with this orange beauty last year. This time around, he wanted a simple-but-refined steed, so we settled on a singlespeed John Henry, dressed to impress with an outfit from Spectrum Powder Works in Colorado.

We loaded up the Siren wagon with the finished product a couple weekends ago to hand deliver it in Laguna Beach. I love this town. (it’s in Orange County?) We put the finishing touches on the bike and celebrated with big fish & cold beer.

Says Brian after a few rides: “I think I’m gonna get the hang of this single speed thing and may not ever look back. It’s really amazing how much better it gets each ride. I’m thinking I might forgo the geared bikes… stupid derailleur.”

We built her up- and yes, Frankie is a “she” just the same as all bikes are- with choice componentry. The big pieces are rounded out with a Reba XX fork, and a DT/NoTubes Arch 29 wheelset. Stopping power comes from a pair of Magura Marta SL’s. Drivetrain comes from a Truvativ Stylo OCT crank and a Kick Ass Cog from Endless Bike. Brian tells me he’s also put in an order with Dan aka Homebrewed Components here in SoCal for some of his wares.




  1. Sweet Ride!

  2. Thanks Randy. That supafly powdercoat job really tops it off.

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