Posted by: Brendan | January 9, 2011

Palm Canyon Sans Shuttle

Powered by home made energy bars. No cars.

Palm Canyon could be, I dare say, my favorite trail anywhere. It’s just down the road from home. It offers a wide variety of trail surfaces. Three climate zones. And on a cold, snowy day in Idyllwild…

To the rescue! The sun is shining, the weather is sweet… makes you want to move your dancing feet. (Thanks Mr Marley for the inspiration)

The only buzzkill with this ride is the shuttle. Today I managed to pull it off without the use of pesky autos. It equated to less car time, more saddle time. And a high smiles-per-miles ratio.

The start

… and some tire carnage. Everything on this trail is either sharp, or abrasive. I had many tire issues. The mini pump was used about a dozen times. Not fun.

Lunch Rock, aka Indian Potrero turnoff. I snacked on my home made energy bars (more on that later) while hopping around on some rocks. The waterfalls were beautiful.

Turnaround spot at 3 mile wash. I left my mark in part due to the fact that I was riding solo in an area with no cell reception… just a favor for a would-be search party, I suppose. Also makes for a good bragging evidence. 😉

Starting the haul back up.

The view of Santa Rosa mountain. The top is near.

Same trail, different perspective. I even found a new palm oasis I hadn’t seen before.  



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