Posted by: Brendan | October 26, 2010

Homebrewed takes the Win

This bike was assembled Friday night, won a race Saturday.

Dan from Homebrewed Components wanted a 26″ bike that would also be adaptable to 650B wheels. It also needed to be singlespeed ready, and fit his long-legged frame. Lastly, it needed to look good with anodized purple.

Dan arrived in Idyllwild Friday night, coming out for the San Jacinto Enduro, an 80 mile jaunt through the nearby mountains which started at 6am the next day.

I helped him assemble the bike fairly late into the night. We finished well after dark so we snapped a few shots indoors.

Dan anodized a lot of parts for this bike, and made a lot of them in his machine shop too.

The next morning, we headed out to the start, in the dark & cold… Dan took off early in the ride and not only gave his bike a good shake-down, but was the first singlespeed rider to finish the entire course. He broke the last year’s record (also set on a Siren) by a huge margin.

The proud owner of a new bike and a Single Malt Ale…




  1. That’s one sexy beast (the bike, not the douche)

  2. Sorry you got hosed with the fucking shit for beer.

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