Posted by: Brendan | October 21, 2010

Freddie goes Ferrous

Our local friend, Freddie, decided to go with a John Henry after riding several suspension bikes and carbon hardtails.

We built up his bike complete with at DT Swiss/ Arch 29 No Tubes Wheelset, a SRAM 1×10 drivetrain (XX cassette, XO shifters & derailleur, and KMC chain) and a pair of Magura Marta brakes. These are my new favorite stoppers.

On the frame, Freddie let me try something new on the brake brace, just something to get it out of the way for the slider tensioning bolt. His frame is otherwise fitted up as a standard Medium John Henry.

Where’s the fire?




  1. What type of chain guide was used?

    • We used the bash ring that came with the cranks on the outside, and an N-Gear Jump stop on the inside. Haven’t had any issues with the chain coming off.

  2. […] the final push up May Valley road, and home, after a ride. It fell a few weeks ago, split in two. Freddie got a permit from the USFS to get […]

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