Posted by: Brendan | September 28, 2010

Barney Bars

Fred’s friend.

I made these up just before we headed out for our annual trip to visit Gooseberry Mesa and the good folks of Virgin, UT. They’re made of 3/2.5 titanium and have a comfy sweep and forward bend in the midsection for more brake lever real estate and a super comfy alternate hand position.

This set is 27.5″ wide, and I’ll be making a new set for Mary soon in a narrower size. I’d like to flatten more of the bar’s midsection, and perhaps lengthen (and/or bend) the forward end of the handles.

If and when we ever produce these bars for sale, we’ll likely fab up the midsections in batches, then whack & miter the ends for custom sweep & width… all made to order. We’ll also try to keep the price reasonable.



  1. Ride the Divide in Jackson last night. My 3 y.o. made it to the half way point, need to see the end! I can picture Barney and Fred rocking together on Tour Divide rigs…hmmmm…..

  2. Methinks the two can join forces into one seamless titanium setup…

  3. great looking welds.

  4. Great! Cannot wait! Looking forward to further info.

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