Posted by: Brendan | June 28, 2010

Bonnie’s Proto Aria

Similar to Wendy’s bike, Bonnie’s is a new addition to the Song lineage.

We met Bonnie & Monte last fall after Interbike, on a ride at Gooseberry Mesa and on a trail called Guacamole. The rides were fun, the BBQ at Over the Edge, Hurkin, was the stuff of dreams. (and full-bellied dreams atop Gooseberry Mesa are especially nice)

Bonnie has been nursing an injury this season, but she’s getting back on the bike now. She wanted a simple, lightweight, fast & maneuverable 29″er. We put this Aria together with those constraints in mind.

The Aria is a close cousin of the Song. Still a softail; a lightweight bike one should think of as a “smooth hardtail” insofar as it climbs well out of the saddle, never wallows in its travel.

The pivotless design relies on materials flex to accommodate the sub-2″ wheel travel. Our proprietary Ti flex plate and torsion brace handle the main pivot duty, while the titanium seatstays flex to allow for smooth shock stroke as the suspension articulates. Total frame weight with shock is at 4.25lbs.


  1. That’s one light fs frame. Sure, it’s short travel but none the less, light.

  2. […] and stayed with Monte & Bonnie. We’d met them last year and have since built Bonnie an Aria. Freddie & I headed out for a ride on Gould’s Loop and JEM trail. It was the first time […]

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