Posted by: Brendan | June 24, 2010

SCott’s SCandium SuperCycle

It tips the SCales at a SCant 3 lbs and SomeChange.

Scott’s a racer from San Diego, and new to big wheels. I feel like we’re cheating a bit when we build fast new 29″ers for guys who have been riding 4″ travel 26″ bikes… it’s like we can’t go wrong; you will notice and appreciate the efficiency of the new Siren. It’s like mechanical doping.

Scott’s Trauco features custom fit, custom geo, and a blend of Easton Scandium and Ultralite tubing. It’s light, and ready to shreddit.

We decided to go with full chainstays instead of the CNC yoke on this one to save some weight, keep the bike running smooth. Note the dimple for chainring clearance.



  1. NIIIICE!!!! Will JM’s Trauco look kinda like this too?

  2. Very sweet! I do like that white…. Making my decision more difficult on silver or white.

  3. Building it up now. Should have it ready to hit the trail next weekend. Can’t wait. Thanks Brendan!

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