Posted by: Brendan | June 16, 2010

Wendy’s Proto Siren

Wendy Skean, aka Alex’s Garner Valley Grandma represents!

Wendy was looking for a lightweight, simple 29″er to bring to the races. She had test ridden some of the more complicated wunderbikes out there and determined they were a bit too heavy for her taste. We talked about a Song 29 but decided the standover clearance would be prohibitive.

Enter the Aria prototype:

The Aria uses the same suspension system as the Song, set at a lower angle running the damper into shock mounts on the top tube. The resultant design affords substantially improved standover clearance and a seat tube that’s about 4″ shorter. Titanium seatstays keep the suspension action smooth and durable with minimal maintenance. The frame weighs in around 4.25 lbs, and like the Song is singlespeed-friendly.

The color is Wendy’s signature green; similar to her last bike but gussied up with some extra emerald sparkle. We call it Skean Green. Check out Wendy’s website and get the scoop on her racing. We built up here bike with a full complement of Cash Green SRAM X0 components, a Reba XX 29 fork and XX brakes. Pics from the races to come soon!



  1. I am very happy to see this version of Song 29 finalized! Any ideas of stiffness? Compared to regular Song 29 and other softtails?

  2. E,
    While the Song hasn’t had any complaints about rear end stiffness, we do anticipate the Aria to have more lateral and torsional give. It’s hard to get around the fact the seatstays are longer, and therefore have a bit more wheel leverage exerted on them. For now, the Aria doesn’t have a top link, and well suited to lightweight endurance riders looking for simplicity.

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