Posted by: Brendan | April 12, 2010

Swoopy Tubes for John Henry

Hobie and Scott both asked about a constant radius top tube, so we had some tooling made to make ’em happen.

Voila! The CRTT will be a custom upgrade option for John Henry now. These are the first two custom John Henry frames to get the option. The roller bender and custom dies not only make this top tube possible, but provide an excellent forearm workout.

Hobie went with a stealthy, understated look.
His bike features a pair of extra curvy chainstays, windowed dropouts, third bottle mount, all finished off with a stealthy black powdercoat finish. Hobie’s bike will look great alongside Meghan’s Hydra, donchathink?

Scott aka “Scott The Cop” went with a bit more flash.

Scott’s XL frame features a pair of beefed up seatstays and a two coat blingmaster flash sparkle-on-cream powdercoat finish. We also coated a rigid steel fork and a set of Reba fork lowers he’d provided.



  1. […] bikes illustrate.  The matte black one on top has extra curvy chainstays (better illustrated on Siren’s blog), while the sparkle-over-cream off white bike after the break gets beefed up chainstays for the XL […]

  2. […] Swoopy Tubes for John Henry « Siren’s Call […]

  3. hot. do you have an RAL for the creamy pony? Love it.

  4. Jruss, I’ll get it for you. I just picked that one off a swatch.
    It was a Tiger coat with a sparkle silver clearcoat.

  5. Curse you Brendan! I’ve been contemplating a new bike for a long time, but there’s always something keeping me on the fence. The kinky top-tube just never did it for me. But that swoopy top-tube looks awesome. It’s almost like you’re reading my mind and prying open my wallet!

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