Posted by: Brendan | November 25, 2009

The Big Cities

First it was LA
We met & rode with Hobie, Meghan, and Derek… though Mary was sidelined when she brought the wrong front wheel. D’oh!

Hobie says: “Meghan, I think it’s all downhill from this point on” ….time and again.

Fun peeps. Good trails, views, and one of the tastiest tostadas around.

A little “nesting” visit by Ikea… but we made a commitment not to actually buy anything, except the swedish meatballs of course.

Next, San Diego.

We stopped by the Homebrewed Components shop- more on that soon, but the real day’s work was a visit to the fastest dentist on two wheels. (Also see Dr. Sutton here on the SJ Enduro results page.)
We rewarded the dental work with a little beach visit on the way home:

Mary’s looking more and more pregnant every day.



  1. hey guys! it was nice riding with you and i was so bummed mary brought the wrong wheel. i was looking foward to riding with a pregnant lady on a mixed wheel bike (you dont see that everyday) ha

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