Posted by: Brendan | November 20, 2009

4 Speed

Been running this setup for a week and lovin’ it

I borrowed the middle four gears from an old XTR cassette that was destined for the scrap bin… the Deore derailleur has been with me at least 15 years. Bud Hunt, the local shop owner, donated an old Accushift thumb shifter, which I turned to the friction setting. I’d guess you could put a couple more gears on the Hope singlespeed freehub body.

Upside: The setup works very well. It’s simple, easy to use, and gives me a good range of “singlespeedy” gears to pick from. And, old derailleurs were built tough. The DX derailleur has less play in it than some new bits.
The whole shebang can convert back to singlespeed quickly, as I didn’t move the sliders, and simply spliced in extra chain with a quicklink.

Downside: It sounds like a geared bike again. Chain slap bugs me.
The old derailleurs, while built tough, are friggin heavy.



  1. The Hope SS hub can actually take six gears. You can take the main carrier of a SRAM 990 or XT hub and toss that on there which gives five or six really durable gears.

  2. i seen it today and really liked the idea as i have wanted to try out a SS

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