Posted by: Brendan | November 5, 2009

Cannon’s Visit, new John Henry

Local Boy Cannon Shockley stopped through for a visit

We got him on a new bike- a fresh John Henry, still warm out of the oven.
So hot, so dreamy… the bike, that is.  Ah, to have two Sirens in the quiver.



We took his bike out for a spin close to the shop. It was his first “real” singlespeed ride… he whupped me pretty good.

His John Henry has one of the new, riveted head badges. Also hawt.

Cannon left his Song 29 behind for some freshening up- perhaps a new lightweight rear triangle and a fresh powdercoat job… it’s going to be used again in 2010 for an undisclosed bikepacking mission.

Some of his 2009 Tour Divide pics



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