Posted by: Brendan | October 29, 2009

Trying Some New Things

I finally caved to Dave‘s pressure- I built a singlespeed. …so I used it as an opportunity to try a couple new things. A SuperTrauco of sorts.

Miss San Jacinto, as I’m calling her for now, sports a constant radius top tube, titanium seatstays (an evolution from the firm tail project) and our fancy new head badge.


The constant radius top tube provides improved standover clearance compared to a straight TT, but with a bit more real estate inside the front triangle for things like frame bags. Not a big deal to some riders, but important for ultra racers and Tour Dividers… not to mention it looks dead sexy, and let’s face it- a good looking bike gets ridden more. 😉


The titanium seatstays required a bit of custom handwork, especially around the dropout area to make an internal plug that mates up with the Ahrens sliding dropout. It turned out well, but we’re already scheming on a way to do it better should we have a customer who might want something like this.



The titanium seatstays really do smooth out the ride… I know this after having been riding my John Henry for the past several months and now switching over to this bike- her maiden voyage was nearly 80 miles of suffering on the San Jacinto Enduro this past weekend. It’s hard to make a head-to-head comparison because I haven’t ridden the far in a while, and I’ve been riding gears for so long… BUT, this bike is darned comfy.

Oh, and it has the added benefit of belt drive compatibility.


I hope to keep evolving the lightweight firm-tail/ SuperTrauco idea a bit more. Keep your eyes peeled.



  1. Dang that looks sick!

  2. She’s hotter in person!

  3. Looks sweet! I’m guessing it has a rear disc tab? I didn’t see it in the picture does it slide with the dropout? I don’t know if I’ve ever seen an aluminum setup with titanium stays. Very creative.

  4. Kermit, good eyes. The Ahrens slider inserts in the top picture are “dummies” that I use for jigging up around the shop, straightening, etc. The sliders I use to ride with (and ship bikes with) typically have disc tabs, even derailleur hangers if the customer wants that too.

  5. digging the constant-radius toptube! Hmmm Siren Song SL with that toptube…

  6. Woha, hotness!

  7. Yes Agu, I think the constant radius TT might be a hot ticket for an ultrabike this year…

  8. is there a difference, function-wise, between the constant radius vs the regular dropped top tube? less standover? more vertical compliance (not taking into account the ti seatstays of course)? it does look might F.I.N.E. though!

  9. Best looking frame ever IMO. Loving the CRTT look.

  10. Very nice! Nice ride at the SJCEnduro BTW.

  11. Agu, the biggest difference between the constant radius TT and either the full bend/ straight tubes is standover/ frame bag function. Some bikes need more room down there, some need less.

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