Posted by: Brendan | October 19, 2009

Greg’s John Henry

In chocolate brown with sparkles. Mmm…tasty


(pardon the shot, I took this on one of the approximately 3 days of the year that aren’t clear & sunny)

Greg’s John Henry clears BIG tires, even that new chunky one from WTB everyone’s talking about. Can’t remember the name; something like “Storm Trooper Violence Assault Triple Threat” Ok, it’s the Dissent, come to think of it.

His bike also features an internally relieved, US made Paragon bottom bracket shell… now standard equipment on the John Henry.

Greg’s bike was among the Medium-Large run we’re working on right now. I’m especially happy with the smooth transition from the 42mm down tube into the head tube… very subtle, but it gives a bit more weld surface at the junction, arguably a bit more lateral stiffness too. Cool points to Russ for the good idea with the squisher tool he made.


Cool points to Mike for the little end caps to the stays… very clean.


Ok Greg, if you’re reading this… please send pics of the assembled bike. But get some of that Texas dirt on it first. 🙂



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  2. […] 80 mile race of every legal trail in Austin), what should show up at my door but my shinny new John Henry. So two days before the buffet, I switch all the parts from my current ride (backup Surly KM) over […]

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