Posted by: Brendan | September 29, 2009

Interbike, Rocket Track, & Riding in Utah

Business & Pleasure Morphed In To One

Interbike ’09 was everything we’d hoped it would be; a chance to catch up with friends & colleagues, see some new product, and get energized about working in the industry we love.

Here, some of the greats of Tour Divide:

Matthew “One Race Suzie” Lee, Mary Metcalf-Collier, and Jay Petervary keeping the crowds happy with free ice-cold Tecate… (Mary sips water, of course)


We arrived in Vegas on Wednesday and caught up with the World Bicycle Relief folks, then proceeded to the evening festivities at Cross Vegas.

We caught up with divide racing greats Matthew Lee & Jay Petervary in the Cannondale Unimog… Matthew & his Cannondale teammates had ridden the 600 miles from Park City to Las Vegas off road– with a Mercedes Unimog for a sag wagon.

Later, we met up with suppliers, exchanged big ideas with our cohorts, and helped staff the World Bicycle Relief booth. Once again my hat goes off to FK Day for the realization of his vision of the Power of Bicycles.

There were lots of neat bikes to see… but I didn’t get any pics of that. I was too excited for our post-Interbike explorations, starting with Jon Hanson of Sabrosa Cycles.

Rocket Track

Through many turns of luck, we had the very rare & fortunate honor of a tour of the Hurricane Mesa Test Track, outside Virgin, Utah. The “No Photography” signs meant the camera’s stayed in the car… below, an old pic from the internet.


The track , as seen from the North Point of Gooseberry Mesa


My great uncle had worked there in the 50’s, as an aeronautical engineer in the research & development phase of the earliest ejection seats for supersonic aircraft… he told me stories when I was a kid about launching chimps off the mesa at supersonic speeds.

The track is still in use today.

The tour was amazing. The staffers were super friendly & answered our incessant questions. I could go on & on about this tour, it was one of the glowing highlights of the trip for me.

Today, they use test test dummies rather than chimps, and they don’t need to go over the edge anymore. The work they’re doing now is more sophisticated and affords safer ejection for today’s pilots, with their added equipment & demands.

We went home from the tour buzzed & spent a nice evening with the Sabrosa Family. They have some of the best neighbors, by the way…


We had a killer campsite atop Gooseberry Mesa- complete with a great view, some juniper shade, and a bit of petrified wood to gaze upon during morning coffee time. Utah mesas have a way of cleansing one of Vegas funk. 😉



We joined up with Dave Nice at Over The Edge in Hurricane. This was our first visit to the Hurricane shop- the place looks good! They were hosting “Afterbike,” which was a low key celebration of the bike lifestyle complete with bike rides & BBQ.

We joined in on a group ride with a bunch of total strangers- and what followed was some of the best riding & hangout time a guy could ever ask for.

Jonathan from Bianchi, and Jason… sadly, this was the last documentation of their whereabouts before getting split from the rest of the group. Ha!


Riding Guacamole- where else do you find a cairn made of petrified wood?


Riding Gooseberry Mesa with Monte & Shiggy


Monte points to his house… very good dude. We hope to see him & his wife Bonnie again in a couple weeks as we come through on the way to the 24 Hours of Moab.


I returned from the trip even more energized than before, with a karmic recharge of sorts. Friendships are built and strengthened where bikes & people come together. I guess that’s why we build them, right?!



  1. What? No mention of the 12-year-old freeride party where your racer pulled the not-pro move of falling asleep on the cushy couch and your rock-star SO scored us sweet dinner company and seats?

  2. Ha! You know it, I even had a good shot from the movie premier & forgot about it.

    That said, everyone knows my SO is a rockstar so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that Mary scored us primo seating… and frankly Chris, we weren’t even a little bit surprised that you fell asleep. What else would we expect from a guy who spent the day on his feet in compression socks to do?! 🙂

  3. HA! I saw two sleepy eyed 30 somethings while the other party-goers were doing cannonballs off of the waterfall into the pool!

  4. I am pumped that our little adventure turned out so well. Stop on by any old time. You folks are always welcome at the world headquarters of sabrosa cycles.

    I will be at los 24 de moab. I will try to track you down.

  5. Too much fun! never seems long enough with you 2

  6. […] road trip tone nicely. We made it to Virgin and stayed with Monte & Bonnie. We’d met them last year and have since built Bonnie an Aria. Freddie & I headed out for a ride on Gould’s Loop […]

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