Posted by: Brendan | September 15, 2009


Today marks the halfway point to our child’s Birth Day party…


And I’m more aware of milestones.

Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations- they’re on my mind, not just on the smart gadget.

The image below is one week old: Our Kiddo, 19 weeks into gestation. We went to our ultrasound check up appointment last week…  In the time between walking in and out of the door of the imaging office I not only learned we’re having a boy, but really saw, understood, that we are having a baby. He was active, kicking & wiggling. So much so that I think he gave the technician a bit of a hard time for some of her tests. Quite the milestone.

I was asked how it made me feel to know the baby’s sex; but I can’t answer that clearly. It’s hard to separate the end of a fantasy of what it would be like to have one sex or another from all the new points of reality those images brought home: a developing spine & rib cage, a skull, arms & legs, even digits. It was all a lot to take in. In a great way.

A couple days ago, I finally felt a kick. Mary has been feeling them for quite some time (easy to feel a foot against your organs I’m guessing!) but I finally found myself in the right place at the right time. A flutter. Another milestone.


We went to my grandmother’s 85th birthday celebration last week. As always, my cousins, aunts, uncles, and I retold stories from years past. New to the scene was the youngest generation- the kids running around the house, playing & sticking their fingers into the birthday cake when nobody was looking… living the stories they might retell at family gatherings in years to come. A generational milestone.


Today, September 15th, also marks a major anniversary for a couple special people in my life. I won’t list them here but you know who you are. Enjoy the special day!



  1. I can’t wait to see the pictures once that feisty little one is out of Mary’s belly!

  2. I’ll never forget the first time I felt Kate move — we were lying in bed at the hotel before my first 24-hour solo attempt. The rest of the weekend didn’t matter, those few moments were seared into my life forever.

    Just wait — all of a sudden, you’ll become an expert at guessing a kid’s age, and I swear kids will know you’re a dad. They’ll look at you differently, they’ll act differently around you. It’s a trip.

    Can’t wait to see you guys next week, and to meet the little guy … in 20 weeks!

  3. Sorry, my first solo 24 last year, my first attempt on a Siren!

  4. Good stuff indeed! That ultrasound is of the little guy’s kickin’ legs (horizontal across the top) with his torso dropping down to the left of the pic. He’s super active today too – he FEELS like he’s growing.

  5. That is a beautiful picture of Mary. Enjoy everything.

  6. Great post, you got me all sentimental!!

  7. Just found you two on the web after looking for some Carbondale stuff. It’s been a while. Looks like you guys are doing well! Congratulations!

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