Posted by: Brendan | September 10, 2009

Jerry’s Song SL

This Song SL is hot, hot HOT!

Jerry commissioned us to build a versatile softail… and he wanted it to be light… and good-looking.

Here’s what we came up with- one of the first true Song SL’s since the team bikes we built for the WBR-Siren guys Todd & Chris. This one is similar, but even more refined…


Jerry’s bike features an Easton Scandium down tube, which is pear shaped for added torsional stiffness, and our proprietary hourglass head tube to save a bit more weight. (thanks to Jerry for the trail pics)


Perhaps most notable is the addition of the tapered titanium seatstays, bonded to handbuilt aluminum lugs.


The dropouts are Ahrens Sliders, with hardware upgrade to socket head bolts and a brass jam nut. Notice the NDS torque brace and our proprietary (and very Sireny) hidden brake line routing.


We changed the decals over from gold to pink just before shipping it out. I think the bike looks even better with the pink accents-

And a friend just sent me this link today. Seems there’s a discussion on about it: Check it out here.


First ride: I got a message that read something like this:

“Built bike yesterday. Raced Today. 112.8 mi. The Song rocked! Field of 60+. Never even got passed. Won by 20+ minutes.”

Music to my ears. 🙂



  1. Hot damn!

  2. clicking pictures vigorously to increase size!! ahhgg!

    very nice work!

  3. This has got to be one of the better bikes we’ve done. I’m very happy with it… keep your eyes peeled, we’re going in a slightly different direction with this concept very soon.

    • That slightly different direction wouldn’t happen to be in my direction would it?

  4. Yep, that’s the one Randy! 🙂

  5. […] eyes will notice this bike is almost eerily similar to Jerry in Texas’s Song… I’d take it as flattery, […]

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