Posted by: Brendan | July 26, 2009

Idyllwild, Part 1

Siren is back in Idyllwild, full time.

We started putting the pieces in place in early June, just before Tour Divide started. I’d been working more and more with the team in California, kicking around ideas for “Standard Production” bikes… Then we solidified the move a few weeks ago, which was so seamless that you’d be hard pressed to pinpoint what day the move really happened on. Big thanks go out to the California crew, especially Dave, Mary, Mike, and Russ.

The setup is great- with our bike line shaping up nicely, and a super-efficient circle of friends/ craftsmen all coming together to make it happen. Thanks to these guys, the John Henry is just about ready for primetime and we have exciting new projects in the works. I couldn’t possibly do it without the help of my friends & cohorts. What’s really impressive is the fact that we’re turning out custom orders faster than ever before.

We had some good times in the days leading up to- and through- the move.


Riding past the Boneyard in Tucson. Airplane nerdery meets bike nerdery.


Moving Day

We called in all the troops. Thanks to Eric, Dan, Matt, Dave, Mary, and Jason for the help.


And special thanks to Dave for making the trip… downtown Tucson is a great place to visit, for sure.


Dave, Eric, and Matt strategize a real world game of Tetris.


I’ll miss the Arizona Sash… aka SonoraSiren


We loaded up with minimal bloodshed… and made time to hit the trails on Mt. Lemmon. It was Dave’s first time up there.


Mary soaks in the view


Good times with the homies. Aspen Draw.


It’s good to be back in the mountains. Tucson hit 112 degrees on moving day… I’ll compare/contrast in my next post. 😉



  1. gald it went semi smooth….

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