Posted by: Brendan | July 20, 2009

The Little Black Sherpa Review

Chris & Mary put together some verbage after a few miles on the new bike.

LBS Methow 4

LBS Methow 6

Sounds like Mary’s bike, the “Little Black Sherpa,” has done her well…

From Mary:

My 55 also known as the LBS ( Little Black Sherpa )

We name all our bikes. They are personal expressions of who we are and what we like to do. My Siren 55 frame showed up in April and I had her assembled about two days later.

Plain and simple, I love my bike. I am so comfortable on it. It has given me a boost physically and psychologically, I am able to ride obstacles that I would not have tried before and I know I can ride a bit more aggressively because of the frame fit and gearing. It is the best!!!

Thanks for working with us and helping me join my husband on his crazy passion of bicycling on trails.

From Chris:

From watching Mary ride, I have noticed that she is more decisive in her line choice and has a much more confident approach to things. We have lots of obstacles on the trails in Bellingham and each trail has something that makes you think. I can tell that Mary is looking farther forward, and not just in front of the front tire. She looks past the close obstacle knowing that one is cleared… She also just likes riding more. Which is great for me… always have a willing partner. The custom bike choice for us has worked out really well.




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