Posted by: Brendan | July 9, 2009

Big Bear Overnighter

This post is a few weeks late now, from an overnighter with Dave & Mary.

We started in Yucca Valley, near Joshua Tree National Park, and climbed up to Big Bear on dirt. Elevation change was something like 7000 ft from bottom to top, passing through several distinct climate zones.

Check out Mary’s pics from the trip.

Dave has some good pics as well

After a stop at the Jelly Donut we were off… and had our first rattlesnake sighting within 10 minutes. We arrived in Pioneertown within an hour or so- our last chance for water & mock shoot-outs for a while.



Then we hit dirt. And climbed… and climbed.


Into Joshua Tree groves, with some welcome shade


Climbing higher, the dirt turns red, we start seeing Junipers soon…


Then the real climbing began. Note the lack of photos.

Big Bear restock. Pines, cool temps, and ice cream.


Riding out on the highway.


Getting close to camp on horse trails


Then, a night a relaxing…

Day 2

After some miracle coffee from Dave’s Esbit stove, we finally managed to point our bikes down hill.

Options. We discovered an OHV area that we’ll need to explore sometime.




Going DOWN.


See that road going up in the distance? Thankfully, we didn’t have to go up it.


Random sightings of Aluminum Americana in the desert…


And some Steel Americana


Finally, we arrived at Pappy & Harriets back in Pioneertown… featuring “warm beer & crappy service,” so the sign said anyway.

Guess which door we used?



COLD beer. And water too.


Yucca Valley welcomed us back with 112 degrees.




  1. Good stuff, B. Looks like a blast. Good crew too.

  2. Cool. What does Dave pack with him? Looks pretty minimal.


  3. It was fun dragging you guys up the mtn! 🙂

  4. Super good time.
    Dave packs next to nothing with him… I’m envious.
    He didn’t even have a sleeping pad, just used some duff & pine needles. You can get away with that up there!

    Most importantly, though, he packed the Esbit stove, which I will testify makes some damn good coffee.

  5. Dang, Mary!
    Yeah I left out the pics of you standing at the top of the hills, waiting patiently for us to catch up…

  6. so wait a sec. you did this in one day or 2? 7k feet! wow!

  7. […] On my request we stopped by Pappy & Harriets to check on my Siren sticker I’d left a  couple years ago… when Mary was in her second trimester and kicked our asses on this climb. The sticker was still there, a good omen. On asphalt we rode toward the big mountains looming in […]

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