Posted by: Brendan | July 8, 2009

Giant Purple People Eater

Will wanted a DEEP purple Trauco…

Will is a repeat customer, of sorts… as Will’s special friend, Tiffany, built up a Song 55 last fall. Check out Tiffany’s bike here.

Where Tiffany’s bike is small & has some suspension give, Will’s bike is big & businesslike. The angles are what I’m starting to refer to as “mountain touring geometry,” slightly slackish and low. Good for putting in big miles, but plenty responsive enough to pin switchbacks after work on singletrack.

The translucent Grape color looks darned good…


Will’s bike gets a CNC machined yoke, which we’re starting to install in ALL Traucos. It boosts bottom bracket stiffness while allowing great tire & chainring clearance… not to mention it looks TRICK

Also, we are starting to use torque braces more and more on the non-drive side… it arguably increases braking power and stiffens up a critical area.


The last time I spoke with Will, he & Tiffany were preparing for an overnighter near their home… They have frame bags on order now from Epic Designs. I hope to run into them out there!




  1. Brendan, that color is sick! I love that!

  2. Yeah for sure! I was really happy with how it turned out.

  3. Nice job again Brendan!


  4. Now I really want one.

  5. Thanks Tiff! I’m stoked that you’re both riding a Siren now.

    Vernie, are you back on the trail full time now? Perhaps you might be interested in a production model? Drop me a line at my name at

  6. Wow, that looks so nice!

    I take it that this geo is custom and not standard, but it sounds much more up my ally. Care to share what the measurements were?

  7. I wish I were riding too!
    Just kidding… I rode yesterday and I’m really sore. 🙂

    I dropped you an email with the specific geometry measurements.
    I believe we were at 71/73.5 HA/SA, 12.5 BB height, 17.5″ CSL and a custom tubeset for Will’s riding style.

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