Posted by: Brendan | July 5, 2009

Production Trauco

At long last, we’re standardizing.

We’re offering a more affordable, faster delivery option to custom builds.

At $995 retail, you can now ride a Trauco with local bike shop support.

The Trauco, and soon the John Henry, will be hand built in standard sizes and ready to run in the supply chain of retail bike shops. It’s good for a lot of reasons… efficiency, lead time, and an often overlooked but critical piece of the equation: local bike shop support.

The Local Bike Shop (LBS) supports the bike industry, bringing new riders in, promoting the sport, fixing your broken stuff. They support us, so we’re supporting them by offering an American made, high quality competive option to Asian-sourced frames.

Here, one of the first Large Production Traucos


The production Trauco comes in five standard sizes, designed to be race-ready with a quickish geometry selection and fully-butted tubeset.


We’re offering a semi-custom option with the Trauco as well; featuring possible upgrades such as Ahrens sliding dropouts, and an Easton Scandium option to trim some weight.



  1. Looks great. Saving dilligently, there will be Trauco in the stable someday soon.

  2. Great idea Brendan! I hope it all is very successful for you.

  3. Cool! I was almost starting to think that with Facebook & Twitter, that the days of blog commentary were over!

    Jim, talk to your LBS and tell them to carry our line!
    GT, thanks. I think the John Henry’s calling your name. 🙂

  4. Great looking welds as well as paint, now when I’m out in BFE I can still look pimp.

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