Posted by: Brendan | July 1, 2009

John Weathers Wins Short Track in Portland on Fifty-Five

John won his Fifty-Five at the Cascade Cream Puff a couple years ago…

He’s turned his singlespeed into a short-track machine, winning a popular Cat 1 short track  in Portland.

(John was the luckiest man in Oregon that day, winning both the Fifty-Five AND a sweet chainsaw bear… unfortunately I don’t have pics of either!)

While mixed wheel bikes such as the Fifty-Five have been establishing themselves in the endurance race scene, their entry in shorter, high intensisty races such as short track is more recent news.

John says of the format: “I think the fact that it can win on this format really shows how the bike can handle — it’s nothing but turns, jumps and berms.”

John also tells me that Adam Craig set a course record at a local 50 miler on a mixed wheel bike the week before. Hmm… maybe they’re not just a passing fad?



  1. That chainsaw bear sure was sweet.

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