Posted by: Brendan | June 18, 2009

John Henry Sneak Peek

The Other White Metal

Full post here: John Henry Blog Post

Big BIG thanks to Russ and Mike for the expertise here… John Henry quite literally wouldn’t happen without y’all.

John Henry is the next Siren model, and our first true “production” bike. Our goal with John Henry is to offer high value in handlbuilt American craftsmanship, and perhaps most notably: good margins for bike shops. Local bike shops are a critical component in the cultivation of our sport, and the front lines of customer service and expertise. While we have functioned with a stand alone, direct sales business model, it isn’t a sustainable practice when you consider the growth of the sport, and our business. Sure, we’ll sell them directly but only if it doesn’t compete with established Siren dealers.  Want to become a dealer? Drop us a line at info at


This first John Henry is a size Medium, which I’ll be shaking down soon… on an overnighter on the 27th with Dave & Mary. More on that later. 😉


Until we have all the details figured- final tube selection, production process in place, etc- we’re not going to let on much more than this here. Don’t wanna build you up, Buttercup.

Want to see more? You’ll have to find me on the trail.



  1. hot damn!

  2. steel is great because it is naturally springy and give great shock distrubtion that can only be beat with a full suspension design. Many of us love the steel frames, we would like to see the 29er steel frame be able to handle bigger tires, 2.4, 2.55 etc.. that is where we want to go. hope to test ride your new design at a lbs soon.

  3. for these reasons Id recommend reducing the angle of the seatstay from rear axle to seatpost and give the top tube a slope down to meet that seatstay angle. closer to a bmx/mtn look than that horizontal top tube design typical on road bikes.

  4. Thanks Paul. Seems this post is getting a lot of attention- we’ll have something up very soon with a more complete telling of the new bike & all the nifty tidbits.

    And you’re on target Paul- we’re using size specific tubing throughout the line, tuning the ride for different riders.

    Also, the JH clears a Rampage tire in the shortest setting on the Paragon sliders- at 17.5″

    As for your comment on seatstay angle/ top tube angle, we’re right there with you as well. The photos above are of a proto bike with straight TT- the “standard handbuilt” frames have a bent TT (True Temper OX Platinum) and shortish seat tube lengths.

    We built a short run of Large frames this past week, and we’re going into a run of medium-large frames this week.

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