Posted by: Brendan | May 27, 2009

Emily’s North of the Border Song 55

First things first: the color is rhodochrosite.

What’s rhodochrosite? The Colorado State Mineral, by golly!


Emily‘s homework assignement read something like this: “I want to drop Scott. Uphills. Downhills… lots of endurance rides/races in the future.”

I love it. (Scott is Emily’s husband, a great rider)


The color is a mildly pinkish translucent with a very subtle hint of metal flake. I wish I could capture this color better on camera. It’s amazing.


We designed her Song 55 to be as versatile as the terrain she’ll be riding it on- everything from BC nastiness to fast Colorado singletrack. It has excellent standover clearance for a big-wheeled bike, yet affords her three large water bottle placements. The component selection is good, dependable all-weather stuff, with a dash of nice touches, such as a 3d Violet headset from Cane Creek and other goodies.

We shipped it out just in time for Scott and Emily to build it up and race it at an XC Marathon in Vancouver. Check out Emily’s report.

I stole this pic from her blog- hope that’s ok Emily? 🙂


Perhaps the best message of all- coming back from the holiday weekend, my Facebook wall post:

The bike ROCKS! Just had 4 great days of riding and even managed to cross a finish line before the hubby (don’t expect to repeat that though!). thank you :)”

gosh, I just love that stuff.


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