Posted by: Brendan | May 11, 2009

California Dreamin’

Shoulda posted this a week ago…

I’ve been making some trips to Siren-California lately, riding, visiting friends, and assembling the Dream Team. (more on that last one later)

Made the trip a week ago to help out at the Idylliwld Spring Challenge, the local XC race. I helped sweep the long course, got to ride some great trail, and reconnected with California peeps. Good times.


Idyllwild Spring Challenge

Dave & Yumi set up a Pedal One Long booth. Yumi raced, took second. Congrats!


Doug rocked the long course, took second. I think? (there was some confusion at the end)


I swept the long course with Mary. The first technical assist of the day: a guy who used Gu (yes Gu) for chain lube. Once we washed the maltodextrin off we were able to get him back on the trail with some DuMonde.

He’s a dentist. 😉


Ran into Todd & Finn, who were volunteering at the top aid station. Finn is growing up in a hurry!


We accepted *ahem* a lift from Dawn in her truck to get up South Ridge. Ok, we asked for it.

At the top of the tough climb we rewarded ourselves with a cold beer and a scrounged half-bag of Doritos.




Sunday morning we fueled up on pancakes and went out for a sampling of Marlin’s latest handiwork…

All around the Hub trail system… the highlight reel, and some new stuff.  Down, down, down the Bathtub trails, to Chimney Flats, then UP.


The man hisself…


We rode up, up, all the way up back to the Hub.

Then beer. And some mexican food, and more beer on the back deck… until somebody said:

“Hey, we should go RIDE!”

We loaded up and *ahem* shuttled to Pine Cove. And rode one of my favorite Idylliwld trails, Optimator… down to all the good stuff… down to Hellraiser. (yes, HELLRAISER- it’s a DH trail)

From Pines…


Trailside refreshment


To chaparral.

Good CREW.


Phil drew the first blood


I drew the last… I got off easy, really, after trying to roll a much-too-large drop that landed me dangerously close to a trash can sized rock.

The tumble was very close to the end of the trail, in fact I was partly looking at the car when it happened. (thanks for shuttling, Doug!)

I strained a ligament in my right shoulder. Still hurts, has limited mobility today9 days later… but it’s getting better.

I thank my good luck charm for that one… thanks to Roxanne in Leadville for making this for me. I’ll be sure to buy her cookies next time I’m in town, they’re reportedly the best. 🙂





  1. must of missed you guys out there…or did i?? i was head down and trying to keep my eyes from popping out of my skull! great course though…one of the best!

  2. Loved how that second ride came together.

  3. Awesome. Nice pics! I am sooo in love with the riding up here now that it’s warmed up. Some of the tech is over my head, but I enjoy trying.

  4. You two look good together 🙂

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