Posted by: Brendan | May 6, 2009

John’s 650b/29″ Trail Machine

This bike has HAWT all over it.

John’s bike is designed to rock a 650b Rohloff-on-Velocity-rim rear wheel… meaning he’ll have 14 weatherproof gears to select, pushing a meaty 2.35″ tire with loads of mud clearance… on a 17″ chainstay length.

His bike is also designed around a Rock Shox Reba 29, 120mm through-axle fork- which we’re doing a custom wet-paint job on.  Short chainstays, combined with good standover clearance, a proven 29″ long travel fork, and the reliability of a Rohloff hub all make for a burly bike ready for serious trail use.


in the book of firsts, this becomes the noteable two-tone Siren…


I decided to leave the titanium manufacturer’s markings on this plate… easily removed, this is something I’ll offer on all Songs to come.


Rohloff cable guides- John’s bike sports a total of 14 cable guides to keep things tidy.


We called for a burlier head tube to hold up to the added stresses of a long travel 29″ fork and heavy trail riding.


The gloss black is quite lovely, don’t you think? 🙂



  1. Gawd-damn, that’s a beautiful bike. Well done, Brendan, some day you and I will be doing some business on a Song…

  2. WOW!

  3. really ugly…..

    B- i think this is the most lovely thing seen yet….

    Yum Yum

  4. Damn thats sexy, great work Brendan!

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