Posted by: Brendan | April 14, 2009

Bike to Work Week, Magura Visit, Painting the Shop

Exciting week coming together!

First, this is Bike to Work Week here in Tucson. Check it out.

While we don’t make an urban-use bike (yet, but the Muse & John Henry are coming) I’m digging the two-wheeled urban lifestyle. Siren is sponsoring the event, and the People of Siren (including yours truly) will be turning wrenches for commuter traffic this Thursday at the Safeway on the corner of St. Marys & Silverbell from 7:00 – 9:00 AM. Come on out for snacks and free (free!!) bike tune up work. We will pedal all of our tools to the location, come on out if you can!

I decided to bike to work yesterday… not unusual in itself, but challenging when Dave the Wonderdog comes along… here’s Dave, riding shotgun in my (very large) messenger bag… Dave weighs about 50 lbs. Not a lap dog. 😉 Surprisingly, he was very tolerant, even happy about the ride in a backpack. It was really fun; the best part about it was talking to other bike commuters and even auto commuters about Bike to Work Week.


AZT 300 racers are crazy.

I had the pleasure of spending a little time with a bunch of the lead racers from the AZT 300. Chad Brown, Scott Morris (who I was long overdue to meet), Jefe Branaham, Chris Plesko (who I run into at various points of latitude) and Kurt Refsnider, who won the race. Kurt will be sporting a set of Fred Bars in this year’s Tour Divide. We all met at Casa de Siren for a quick tour, then off to 4th Ave for Bison Wiches… I must admit that being around these guys gives me an even stronger hankering for big rides in the near future…


Jude from Magura USA and Bernd from Magura Germany stopped by the shop today.

It was nice to talk with a couple of the guys behind the components we spec. Personal involvement really goes a long way for me, in much the same way a custom builder instills confidence in the bike frame you’re riding. These guys really know their stuff; got me fired up about some of the ’09 product… I’ll be testing out a pair of ’09 Martas on my personal bike, which seem to have a nice, snappy feel and a solid workhorse construction. I’ll report back once I’ve got some big rides on them.


Dan has been a great help.

Dan’s been putting in time in the shop over the last couple weeks, helping out with a lot of the infrastructure work; especially mud & tape, and paint… that can’t be overstated. We have a LOT of walls in the Sonora Siren shop. Dan has also been instrumental in organizing the bike shop area and getting a handle on a number of other loose ends. He’ll also be wrenching on Thursday at Siren’s Bike to Work Week station. The shop is coming together nicely and feels good. Our three colors are Siren Blue (of course), Mango, and a lighter green I copied from my wallet.



Craig is coming to town!

My pal Craig, now from World Bicycle Relief, is coming to town in a couple days. He’s looking for sunshine & fun… and we have both in spades.

First, there’s the Tucson Bike Swap. This will be my first year; from what I understand there will literally be thousands of people in attendance…

We’ll be competing this weekend in the Urban Assualt Ride; which is ironic for us, competing in a city-wide scavenger hunt… me: new to town, hardly know my way around. Craig: from Chicago. Totally lost in Tucson. 🙂 Yay!

Craig will ride Dingus, the 26″ sliding dropout equipped, Hammerschmidt’ed Siren Urban Assualt bike:


More cool shots…

Dan & Brodie, I won’t divulge what Dan’s riding in this pic just yet. 🙂 He’ll unleash it on the world at the ride/race this weekend.


Dave & Brodie






  1. please can you turn my bike in to a police bike

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