Posted by: Brendan | April 12, 2009

The Shop Life

Workin’ & Livin’ occasionally morph into one flowing good time. So this is like four blog posts rolled into one. Enjoy!

The bikes are looking good.




Frames for powdercoat this week… A firm-tail prototype, a couple Songs, and a Fifty-Five hardtail for Stephen Janes of the WBR-Siren team.


I got to run the mill a lot this week too- love making chips! Been working on some Fred Bars for some of this year’s Divide Racers. Pretty exciting for me… I know of at least two Song 29’s & five Fred Bars that’ll be racing the route.



Dan has put in some great work getting things organized in the “bike shop” area and painting the walls… no easy task considering they go 30 feet up. We’ve got an exciting plan coming together… more color this week (Siren Blue, and Mango)


We have a well stocked fridge now, a water dispenser, a break area and a comfortable fabrication space.

Soon: railings leading up to the loft…maybe this week or next?

Later: building the loft into a design lounge/ office space. I can’t friggin wait. Until the shop is looking really good I’ll just keep leaking pics every now & then. 😉

Dave has been great in the new shop. He spends most of his days either a) on the dock, watching traffic go by, or b) on his bed, watching me build. If only he had opposable thumbs…


Badassery starts at a young age… found this old contact sheet from a day with my dad a long while back and put it up on the fridge.


I enjoyed a quick singletrack getaway early Saturday morning on the Collosal Cave section of the Arizona Trail… it was raining off & on and couldn’t have been better! Besides being a great trail ride it was also a perfect excuse to be an AZT 300 voyeur… thanks to those blue dots from the SPOT units, the racers were easy to find- even with my blackberry.  I ran into Fred Wilkinson, who’s racing right now. Also saw Max & Rob, doing well after a very cold & rainy night.


Later, I went to the Pima Air & Space Museum. Only had a half hour to run around before closing time, but managed to geek out enough to get my fill. I like to go to air museums from time to time for design inspiration- it seems aviation was a big part of America’s technological & manufacturing zenith, back in the 40’s & 50’s… the aesthetic, craftsmanship, and shrewd design all fascinating. I’m a closet airplane geek.





This week:

Tucson’s Bike to Work Week. We’re supporting it via free wrenching to all comers… not sure where/ when but I’ll keep it posted on the blog & twitter.

Then, more bike fab. And Craig from World Bicycle Relief comes to visit. (yay!) Craig is the proud owner of Dingus, Siren’s only true Urban Assault Bike… which will be perfect for the Urban Assault Ride next weekend!

Have a great week!



  1. looking forward to getting in touch with my inner fred

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