Posted by: Brendan | March 31, 2009

Up’N Over

My first triple digit ride in Tucson


Ryan‘s email went something like this:  “hey there’s this ride that sounds like fun and I’ve really wanted to do it for a while and you should go.” He said it was a big ride.

… to which I replied “Yippee! I like riding my bike!”

Ryan: “Cool. Then we’ll leave before sunrise”

Me: “WTF?”

Ryan: “It’s 109 miles door to door from my house

Me: “Oh snap.”

It seemed like a good idea. It’s been a long time since I felt comfortable riding 100+ miles at the drop of a hat… I hit the snooze button several times before getting up and making a couple egg sandwiches. I mounted the LED on my helmet and headed out the door.  A roadie on his way to a stage race at Colossal Cave stopped on Speedway- a major artery during daylight hours- to tell me he was happy to see somebody out for a ride that early. I asked him for a sip of his coffee… he seemed to think I was kidding.

Meanwhile, Ryan was patiently waiting for me at the predetermined intersection. Probably a long time. Sorry Ryan! 😉

By the time the sun was up high enough to use the camera it had frozen itself into hibernation. So, we climbed Mt. Lemmon and I didn’t get a single picture of it. Really, I swear we pedaled it. Just ask Dan, who drove up to meet us after Ryan broke his non drive pedal. Yeah, it’s that popular pedal brand… the one I won’t use. 🙂 Thanks to Dan for saving the day!

After some time passed the roadies started to catch us- the highway is a popular weekend road ride. They might have been faster but we were stubborn-er; dieseling along on fat tires… assuring ourselves that a full day of badassery await on the other side of the mountain.

After a long spin we arrived in Summerhaven. A view down the backside of Lemmon opened up just as we pulled into town. Oracle was a long ways out there.

We restocked on water and all the essential big ride foods: V8, Red Vines, PayDay bar, and Cup-a-noodles.

(shameless shot of my SuperTrauco. I heart this bike)


The descent was just cool enough to require arm warmers. Which I was happy about. I figure they’ve gotta be equivalent to spf 150 or so…


Doubletrack tastiness… 29 miles of it







We encountered only a few other people out there. Just a dual sport moto guy, and a couple autos. The drivers were surprisingly considerate, stopping to let the dust clear when we’d approach them.

Checkpoint 2- Oracle Market


From Oracle we faced 40ish miles of highway. Yummy.

Ryan celebrates the advent of asphalt.


Oh, and Ryan was on a singlespeed. The above picture was probably the last time I saw him in front of me. Yeah, big rings are the shiznit at moments like this…

I settled in for the long haul, pullin the draft like the Chattanooga Choo Choo


Off topic: I want to upgrade these bars to some Luv Handles from Groovy Cycle Works.  If I made bars, they’d be like this. Check ’em out.

We rode past the Biosphere 2… then the 24 hour course…


Ryan, you love the draft, yes?


Back in the thick of it


We parted ways… I continued on to the river path… got mixed up, rode some rail bed into town. Pretty fun stuff.


Do these shots make my head look fat?


Good stuff. I’ve got a hankerin’ for more.



  1. Nice!

    That bike looks vaguely familiar 🙂

  2. Sounds fun.
    Enjoyin the desert are you.

  3. Badass. I got 100 miles in this weekend too, but it was over two days, and half was on the road bike, which feels like cheating after riding MTBs. 🙂

  4. Another great post. Looks like fun.

  5. Excellent ride and post Brendan!

  6. Nice stuff! I’ve been eye’ing those bars as well

  7. Yes, your head looks fat. It could be the lens… or the 3 pieces of head gear. 🙂

  8. Ah yes Lydia, as we all know you should never exceed 2 pieces of headgear!
    Helmet + shades = ok
    Helmet + ipod + cycling cap = fat head.

    Though I’m reconsidering that rule in light (literally) of this harsh sun out in Tucson…

    Dave- yeah that bike should look familiar to you! 😉

  9. I love the desert just for those types of rides…and damn in March? Awesome!

  10. The pedal that shall not be named – does it have any sort of relationship with what you ate for breakfast? I avoid that pedal at all costs. Everyone that I have met that rides that particular pedal has broken at least one set. Lame.
    Nice mileage. Cranked out 80 miles of dirt on Sat. out here. Lovely.

  11. Jruss- No, I eat real eggs.

    I prefer my very well made, albeit expensive, Time pedals… made by little old ladies in France. They just seem to last and last, and they’re very smooth.

  12. Ryan passed me and a buddy, waved at lebuzz, and told Ryan at the bottom of lemon that slicks are faster, he apparently thinks it is a conspericy, we watched as y’all took the nobbies up the road instead of soldier camp/ bugs spring etc. from molino, while wondering how nice a softtail would be of course it was only a 30 mile ride
    still trying to kill my 12 year shimano 747s

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