Posted by: Brendan | March 23, 2009

Spring is Breaking

The Tucson pipeline seems to be coming through at long last.
Just in time too, it seems the rest of the country is thawing out and people are ordering bikes for a new season of adventure.
Behind us in the fabrication queue we have John’s 650b/29″ trail machine, and Bruce’s Tour Divide Song 29.
Up this week for fab- James’ 55SL, Sean’s Song 29… then Lyn & Rita at long last. 😉
I am also scheming on a real-time build queue that everyone can tune in to to see where they are in the standing. Perhaps something via Twitter.
Reminder: new prices go into effect April 1st.
Fun fact: I’ve written some sort of personal note inside the down tube of every bike we’ve made.
Here’s John’s:
The outdoor time has been great. It’s amazing what wonders an occasional ride can do.
I’ve put in some serious weekend mileage lately. Even some non-weekend mileage, which is even better. The orange blossoms are going off in town and it seems everything’s blooming on the trails. The sun is taking some getting used to…


This comes from a friend of a friend… thanks Adrian
I am the mist inside the mystic,
I am the fire inside the firefly,
I am the love inside the lover,
I am the dream inside the dreamer,
I am the one inside the wonder,
Don’t look for me outside,
I am inside you.
– Nairda



  1. ahhh, Cortez, I lived in Hespres ( east of Durango) for a little while!!

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