Posted by: Brendan | March 6, 2009

Help Wanted

I’m looking for part-time help


Job description:

Run errands around town- bring frames to and from powdercoat, run to the hardware store, the bike shop…

Frame prep- face, chase, ream, clean, rivnut, deburr… torque, sticker… it’s ok not to know what all that means.

Assemble bikes- build frames into complete bikes, adjust expensive components that you probably can’t afford…


Be local- we’re in Tucson now, fyi.

Be detail oriented. It’s gotta be done right the first time.

Drink Siren Kool-Aid (or at least bike Kool-Aid)

Be able to get around town quickly and efficiently.

Have some bike shop experience, or at least know your stuff well and be ready to learn more.

Hours & pay:

Not much of either.



How to apply:

Let’s talk- send an email to info at sirenbicycles dot com


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