Posted by: Brendan | February 24, 2009

Mark in Texas- Fifty-Five singlespeed

We don’t do too many straight top-tubed bikes.

But it makes some sense for the taller riders. It weighs a little less than by beloved bent top tubes, and if you’re not hurting for standover clearance on a 29″er, why not?


Mark’s bike is fast and steady… his bike uses a longer head tube to eliminate the need for a stack of spacers under the stem. A lot of production 29″ers use very short head tubes, in an effort to mimic the old school cross-country racer philosophy of low cockpits. I take a different opinion here, and prefer slightly higher bars, especially for endurance rides. In Mark’s case, the longer head tube also affords more weld area for a stiffer front end- all the while using a lightweight tubeset. Neat, huh?


Tight miters. Yum.


I dig what the Smoke Black powder does to the heat affected zone on the weld bead…



Happy Trails!



  1. Sexy bike

  2. Wow! That’s very nice looking. Ya ‘spose that’s what would work for a big guy like me?

    You are so right about that powder and the heat affected zone. That’s a neat effect.

  3. sweet color…..Nice bike Bren

  4. Great pics–love the welds!

  5. Beautiful looking frameset there Brendan. You can see the love…

  6. Wow, I love the color! Very nice bike. đŸ™‚

  7. Mark in Texas here.. I’ve never been back to the site and seen the comments before.

    Its a great feeling to read that other people like the looks as well as I do.

    I’m a tall guy..6’5″. the combination of the 26″ rear with the 29’er front really makes the bike turn sharp. if you’ve ever ridden in south texas the trails here are very twisty and need a quick turning bike. Must be due to the way the rear wheel is tucked in and under and it follows around a corner sharper.

    however, it isn’t twitchy on fast descents..i suppose that is due to the big wheel up front and the geometry. very stable on rough rooty descents at speed.

    My only complaint is I should have had the front edge of the drive side chain stay dimpled so I could run a 34T front ring.

    Other than that its fantastic and I still get compliments.

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