Posted by: Brendan | February 10, 2009

Mary in Washington’s Fifty-Five

Mary in Washington will be singlespeeding on this Manzanita-inspired Fifty-Five


She’s coming from a geared Titus, with a fair bit of travel, and looking for a nimble, manageable bike that fits her properly and can work with her in the techy stuff. Her Fifty-Five features short stays (16.7″) a steepish seat angle (73.5) a neutral head angle (71 with a Reba 80) and a 12.5″ bottom bracket height to help deal with log clearance without sacrificing too much stability on the steep descents.


We also powdercoated her Truvativ stem to help finish the package…




  1. Very nice color.

  2. Looks good, Brendan. I like the sliding droputs beter than the looks of the Paragons for steel…less ugly goin’ on.

  3. there is nothing finer than a matching stem. classy. see you in el pueblito.

  4. As the proud husband of the soon to be recipient of this fine frame and shiny bits, can’t wait to build it and see her go. The will help melt the cold and wet of the rides we have been having lately here in the NW corner.

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