Posted by: Brendan | February 1, 2009

More Sonora Siren Shop Photos

What a great way to spend the weekend… ride, tinker in the shop… ride some more.

Tomorrow, Monday, I start on Sean in Carbondale’s Song 29. Then Bruce’s Divide Race Song? Then Stephen’s Fifty Five… I can’t wait to get this going! The new shop feels good. I love spending time there.


Matt came over today, we converted switched his Trauco to singlespeed. And, most significantly, got the espresso machine running in the upstairs lounge!



I’ve spent a little time bonding with the new mill. I’m looking forward to producing some chips on this machine.



Vince, the best machinist in the world, sent a new supply of Song parts… and Song SL parts, too. More on that to come. 🙂



The new shop feels good.




  1. Nice Bren…..really nice! Love the updates

  2. Post some pics of my frame?

  3. Stephen’s Fifty Five? as in Stephen Janes? Sweet!!!

  4. Love the shop setup and keep that screen clean for pulling good shots!!

    Didn’t make it to training camp in Tucson as my employer had other plans for me in southern NM.


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