Posted by: Brendan | January 16, 2009

Stealthy Song in Tucson

Eric in Tucson will be riding this murdered out Song 29 on local trails…

Now this is crazy, cosmic even:  Eric, Matt G, and I all went to college and rode together in Illinois… and we’ve all ended up here, in Tucson. And now we get to ride together again. Cool, eh?

Eric’s new ride is matte black (bbq black, to be precise) with black highlights; it’ll be kitted out with Chris King’s new Sotto Voce stuff, as well as a smattering of dark black parts from NoTubes, White Brothers, and SRAM.


His Song 29 features custom fit, easygoing geometry, and a tough higher bottom bracket to help with the techy, rocky ups.



More Arizona bikes to come!



  1. Should be called the “SONG X-1” wheres the nose cone?

  2. Shweeeeet! Dude…your teasing me

  3. she’s a bee-ute!

  4. Looks bad @ss! Love the flat black.

    PS thanks for the link to the urban dictionary yes I did have to use it!

    Tiff in Phoenix

  5. looks hawt! (and slightly familiar…hmmm…)

  6. Nice lookin’ rig there. I’d be all about the opposite though. Flat white tubes, gloss white decls. Yeah….

    Somethin’ about a white bike, ya know?

  7. Damn sexy.

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