Posted by: Brendan | January 12, 2009

Shop Space

The search for shop spaces in Tucson is coming to a close. It looks like we’ve found our spot!

The process to get a business license in Tucson seems to be quite a bit tougher than it was in California, and the Certificate of Occupancy seems to be the trickiest step. I’ve spent some serious time in the City of Tucson’s development office talking with engineers and zoning officials, even looking up site plans and floor plans for the prospective shop spaces. Today I got the thumbs-up… and signed the lease.

EDIT: 1/13/09 2pm: We are NOT renting the entire building! Just about 800 sq/ft of floor space, and a loft. Just clearing the confusion.

Siren’s new home:

The Arizona Door & Sash building









  1. Aye Cramba! Mucho room for growth.

  2. W00T!

  3. Looks great! and plenty of space too. Congrats on finding Siren’s new home!

  4. Nice dude. Commence installing keg-o-rator.

  5. Ah… it’s good to have this in order.
    The shop has 800 sq/ft of concrete, plus the loft space for storage… I see some interior decor, and perhaps some artwork in the near future. Definitely room for even more growth as well.

    Hmm… I’ve never considered myself a keg-o-rator kinda guy. Maybe I’ll start small with just a regular fridge?

    Also- the space is very close to downtown, fairly close to the university… very close to home. I’m very excited.

  6. Schweeeeet digs! Congrats and looks like the start of something quite cool.

  7. I love that building! Great choice!

  8. Cool, when do you open for factory tours?

  9. Brendan, that is sweet! I am very excited for you! Boy, would I love to be there now! -12 degrees this morning! Brrr! 🙂

  10. Movin on up.
    Place looks great.

  11. Nice! Looks like things are coming together for you down there………..


  12. I love the shop! Looks like the Sirens approve as well from the photo. 🙂 You’ll have quite a sweet setup once you get everything set up and the keg-o-rator and fridge in place.

  13. Hey, congrats! Plenty of room for hiding out and getting some serious work done! We may have to find a way to get you a WBR photo for your wall …

  14. Oh very nice Chris! Yeah that back wall has some real potential for art space. I’d really dig a WBR photo.

  15. Hey Bren…….That place is great!

  16. Therapist 002 approved… nice work dude – if Peach gives you flack, you know where to turn… I am super impressed with the speed in which the CofO took place… you’ll have there – last time I was there, it was a bars on bikes thing and we stopped in for a bicycle circus thing – I’ll let Matt G describe the swing that he and I risked our lives on…

  17. Congratulations! It’s a short ride to TMP from the shop for “trail proving” your designs. We’ll have to show you the St Mary’s hospital mtn route out to Starr Pass. I’ve got pics of the crazy Bay Area bike powered circus event from last spring’s bike swap Bars on Bikes. They filled all the empty spaces at AZ Door & Sash with pure mahem. I can almost hear the Sirens’ call from my work at 6th & 6th. Cheers.

  18. Doooood. Way to go man. With all that room to grow…Siren will!

  19. Oh wow. I am officially envious of your shop space. Nice work.

  20. Welcome to Tucson… good to have ya!

  21. Congrats. That looks like a fabulous home.

  22. Excellent news Brendan!

  23. That is a great old building. Welcome to AZ.

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